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on... that must have been a special time.1998-2001 according to the baltimore ravens... davvd modell... art's son... says he was there when his dad took his final breath.he said quote- "my &pbbother john and i were with him when he finally rejoinee the absolute love of his life, my mother pat modell."all over pacebook... people are reacting to his are some comments we're getting: getting:barb says heart will be heavy this onday night during the raven's start of the ssason. feel confident they will pay tribute to him..i won't be shedding a sure.allne i'm sure..- 3&tom says....est in peace mr. art moddll. we should take a moment to post a "thanks" to the modell family for what they have brought to our lives. becauss of art modell i &pwill have family memories tha iiwill take with me to y grave. prave. boss lady art modell and micheal clark duncan in tte same week..we are loosing some great and phil sayy....rri.p. art,, and thank you for all you have done for maryland and bringing the ravees to all of us here innmaryland! a place that's been ponoriig b
ago....its just got me upset...." (53:30) (tv/museum) "the baltimore ravens....." at the sports legends museum, many fans remembered art modell as the godfather of baltimore football.....the owner who brought sundays back to baltimore. (47:00) (matt scott) "he coulda gone anywhhre and he looked at all what, this is the city that i want...." (43:55) we post a friend actually. when we lost him we lost a friend." (1:05:44) "what he did underhanded, backhanded and moved....pwww...." but ffr cleveland browns fans....modelll passing re-ignited the pain of losing a team to baltimore. (1:05:22) (lewis brown) "i'm nnt gonna be rude but i will say they'd better not b ury him wihtin driving distance of cleveland.....!" but for baltimore'sslongtime foooball fans.....their world is a little dimmer tonight. (57:33) ""he man inspired us. ann thats what we''l miss......" 3 tonight, cleveland browns legend jim brown says he has forgiven art modell....and is encouraging fans to do the same. jjff abell, fox 45, news at five..... vie
for baltimore city's casino. wbal-tv 11 news. >> the sons of the original owner of the baltimore ravens are paying tribute to their data. >> they were by his side when he died thursday morning. they're talking about his contributions. will live with the story. >> david and john modell : mutual respect. they say their father cared a lot about baltimore as well. >> you really love you guys. >> the former ravens ravensdavid modell and his brother john shared memories of their father. >> his passing was peaceful and mercifully quick. i think he had a dinner appointment with my mother and wanted to get on with it. he missed her so terribly. now they are together, having a few laughs at our expense. >> all larger than life portrait of art modell hangs at the entrance to the facility. he died thursday morning. the ravenss tenure, won the super bowl in 2001. his family says they just want him to know how much they loved him and how much baltimore appreciated him. >> we had a moment with my father at the hospital with four players, the head coach, the owner. that easily rivaled my father receivi
. >> the regular referee is will work tonight between the baltimore ravens and the browns. >> the deal is done. >> regular nfl officials returned to work tonight after a tentative agreement to end of the lockout that began in june. the officials in union still needs to approve the deal, but the commissioner lifted the lockout so the referees can call tonight's game in baltimore. in a statement the commissioner said -- this is shocking finished to monday oppose the game might have been the breaking point. -- shocking finish to monday's game might have been the breaking point. they called what looked like an interception a touchdown. >> beyond you and i and the sports world, this went to the today show, good morning america. >> it brought a renewed sense of urgency to strike a deal. this morning nfl players welcomed the referee is returned. -- referees return. >> the nfl will get to hire a bunch of officials they can hire to replace underproducing referee is. >> after the game, he used a curse word and a tweet about how his team was robbed. he said the nfl can find him and use the money to pay t
of the baltimore ravens. always had a kind word for the city >> live, local, late breaking. you're watching wbal tv 11 is at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall and donna hamilton. insta-weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer and skyteam 11 covering breaking news where you live. is at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> right now, people across baltimore continued to mourn the loss of the man considered to be the founding father of the baltimore ravens. art modell passed away this morning. >> those who knew him best took time to reflect on his life this morning in owings mills. >> the way he was to not just his kids to many men. it is always hard. the greatest thing that life offers is opportunity to help someone. he was one of those guys, he was one of those spirits. >> based on all the texts and e-mails and fall calls, i have gotten some people, the impact that not only he had in my life, he had a major impact. >> to see the people in that room -- to see them salute art, it was powerful. >>modell was passionate about his team but he was also passionate about the fans, including t
issuus today.../ how and why ...the baltimore ravens are getting involved. ♪ you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. he does look happy. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. the baltimore ravens are bringing awareness to one of football's most pressing health issues... concuusions. coocussions. the new intiative was announced today at the under ravens are teaming up with medstar sports medicine to teach young athletes the symptoms of concussions, and encourage them to sit out of the game until cleared by a doctor.linebacker jameel mcclain will be featured in a campaign called "when in doubt, sit it outt... " "iq:when it comes to tte head, sure this awareness is importan" important." the ravens have pledged 125- thousand dollars over ive years to the cause. mornings are a busy time for moms and dads trying to get their kids out the door..and you know it's a struggle sometimes to make sure they get
the baltimore ravens, but all of the teens got bad calls. >> the final play. >> nobody can forget this. this play cost the green bay packers the game. >> you hate to see your tim go down like green day did on a bad call. >> it may have pushed parties to agree on a deal to bring back the regular officials. >> at the end of the day, howis the nfl bringing in? >> this was just a bump in the road to hoping they can get back to the football we all love that. >> i just hate to see all the players up in arms. i want to see clean football. >> the message is consistent. fans say the nfl should focus on the fans and the game instead of the money. >> a former baylor university student accused of trying to extort money from robert griffin iii third has pleaded guilty. richard hurd threatened to release damaging information if he did not receive $1 million. >> turning to the presidential race. candidates are back on the campaign trail one day after both appeared in virginia. president obama will attend three campaign events in the district while mitt romney will visit pennsylvania and massachusetts
baltimore ravens owner, art ws - modell... haa died. died.modell was 87 years oll... bruce cunningham gives uu a look back into his life... life... ((ttke pkg)) 3 -art modell meent a lot to this city-people are facebook page... megan has more on theirrreaction. peaction. good morninggguys,peoole all over baltimore... and across the nation are waking up with heavy hearts this morning... hearing this news.this is the tt baltimore. baltimmre.on our facebook page... people are sharing their memories:--craig ssys: i had the privilege of knowing mr. modell. he was a kind and gentle man. his sons are great and what a nice amily. thanks memory.--bob simply wrote... rip art modell--tyre writes: a legend in this town.--jean called him baltimore's hero --for some people they're appreciation for mr modell went even deeper... todd wrote on facebook... mr odell brought football back at the right time. itthelped me and my dad ith loss of my stepmom . thoss sunday's at memorial stadium helped our hhaling process and made our bond strrnger. let alone he fflled a void that baltimore had since 83. i am for
set for his saturday. saturday.the modell faaily and the baltimore ravens are inviting... everyone. &peveryone.tom rodgers isshere with more on where you can pay your respects. mr. modell's casket will be placed on the field at m & t bbnk tadium this saturday... with the lombardi trohphh. trohphy.the viewing is from 11 to 1 pm...parking is free in lot b and c.all fans are invited and are encouraged to purple.former ravens owner art modell died early yesterday morning with his sons by his ssde... he was 87 yeers old. but his legacy lives on.he negottated the nfl-afl merger... helped establish nfl films and was a big proponent of mondaa night football.he moved his cleveland browns to baltimore in 1996... and that might'veecost him a place in the hall of fame... but here in baltimore... he will always be the man who rought football back. 15:59:09 i'm here because of him and anytime you can leave a legacy he's the most awesome guy i've ever met in donated millions of dollars to local charities in baltimore. modell's wife patricia... died last fall at the age of 80. we created a secti
and the men who played it. >> there is no jim brown. there is no baltimore ravens if there's no modell. the question he leaves today, if you did nothing else in life, what will you fight for? what legacy will you leave. >> reporter: modell helped the league break new ground, unionize and moving the two leagues into one and it would push the game's later to new heights. >> it's appropriate that last night, here in baltimore, the ravens hosted monday night football, one of the great success stories in televisn history. part and pete roselle created monday night football. >> reporter: raves owner steve biscotti rushed to his bedside soon t be joined by others. >> jan har bop and others came to visit poppy and hear the men who defend the flag of baltimore and the flag of the ravens, on their knees, praying with my father at his bedside with tears streaming down their face. perhaps one of the most powerful months and for that we are very grateful. >> reporter: coming up at six we'll hear from the nfl commissioner and one of the things missing, a place in the football hall of fame. >> >>> on
want to read what steve, the owner of the baltimore ravens had to say about his good friend here today, art. he was my friend, mentor, how fortunate i am to have had him teach me about the nfl. we will work to live up to his standards. it's beyond football what art did for our city and for that part of the story and how he helped the city let's go live across the street to roosevelt where stadium wasn't there 17 years ago. >> reporter: they coming from over there. >> they couldn't do [inaudible]. . >> reporter: all right. we will hear from him in just a minute. also the tributes coming in. we heard from the governor, the governor also reacting to the passing today of the former baltimore ravens owner and he said in part respected by his players and loved by his family and baltimore football fans, art brought the game and spirit of football back to baltimore. the governor went onto say he helped bring back the sense of pride in the city and also their team. that was from the governor who still is in charlotte for the democratic national convention. let's go back to rosie at the stadium
flighh 93. the ride will help raise money for the pennsylvania.orial in 3 around baltimore...ravens fans are still rememberingart modell.the former owner...who brought the .f.l. back o yesterday at age 87. o...diee &pmodell...spent more than 40- years in the n.f.l... and is credited with helping to launch monday night football. but he never made it to the hall of fame.and as john rydell telll us...that's angered local fans... fans... tributes to art modell all ous - weekknd long and into next week but his passing has rekindled an age-old debate around the country as to whether this legendary owner should be elected to the pro football hall of fame.""when art modell's name is synonymous with television and the nfl, hoo can he not be in? i mean to me, hat's cut and dry."on 105..-fm...the debate has only intensified.vinny and rob...believe even one sports writer in cleveland...could be responsible...for blocking modell's election."and i'll guarantee you if that guy's a voter roo, he's not voting for, because it's an emotional decision."in an interview with fox 45 several years
this morning, baltimore ravens torrey smith played with a heavy heart. smith's younger brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. both teams observing a moment of silence before the game. smith makes a leaping catch in the end zone for a touchdown. new england leading by nine. smith scored again this time from five yards out. smith has one more big play. as time expired baltimore wins it 31-30, smith said he wasn't sure he was ready to play. >> everybody was back at the house, you know, watching and they didn't even know i was going to play until the last minute. i got to the stadium and at that time i said i would play. >> smith finished the game with six catches. >>> in arizona the eagles trying to get some points. michael vick sacked near the goal line. 93 yards for the touchdown. cardinals improved 3-0 with 26-6 win over philly. wild finish between the titans and lions. lions trying dome back. but vernon slips the ball away. he goes 22 yards for a score, giving tennessee a two touchdown lead. detroit would score with 18 seconds left and final play of regulation, detroit back up quar
against the baltimore ravens, it was deal with the running back ray rice coming back and deal with torrey smith but didn't have the deep threat on the other side. now they do and he has really helped the ravens oh. >> al: from the 42 yard line. flacco good protection. to the outside. that is smith on an out pattern and able to haul that ball in at the new england 42 yard line for a first down. >> cris: they really doubling torrey with a safety underneath, steve gregory and still able to get it in there. sign of a pretty talented young man when you grab that double coverage and still pick up a first down. >> al: from the 42. in the flat to the tight end, this is pitta tackled at the 38 yard line by moore. we are down to five minutes to go in the fourth. >> cris: if they had attempted a 50-yard field goal before, it would be nice hanging on the board right now. >> al: second down and five. flacco sliding away to rice. inside the 30! ray rice inside the 15! to the 10 yard line goes ray rice who has gained a hundred yards on the ground tonight. 27 through the air here. rice 5 for 49 yards. >>
a final good-bye to baltimore ravens owner, art moe dell. thousands are on hand for his funeral. among them, nfl commissioner, roger goodell and dozens of ravens players, including ray lewis who delivered the eulogy. >> there's no baltimore ravens if there's not a mr. model. so the question that he leaves us today is, if you did nothing else in life, what will you fight for? what legacy will you leave? model passed away last thursday, he was 87 years old. >> football fans in these parts, we are still raving about robert griffin, iii, on his no interception performance. however, james brown host of nfl today on cbs is cautiously apt mystic. recently i sat down with j.b. who is a former 9 sports an anchor to get his on going thoughts on the season. >> of course the hometown team, washington redskins, we have our own. how worked up we aught to be. >> i like the latter. cautious. cautious optimism, if you will. look, rg3 brings a tremendous amount of talent to the table. i met the young man after he won the heisman. he came on the nfl today, we had a chance to chat. he has all of the t
. >> we have pour baltimore ravens -- our baltimore ravens playing almost at the same time. >> reporter: the stars of abc's tv's ball boys like the fact that these orioles aren't exactly household names. >> most don't know who nate or luke are. these guys are coming out of the blue. >> people are asking for oriole stuff. now they're flying out of here. >> reporter: an original memorial stadium seat. now stand as cal ripken neighborhood feel and just across the road, linwood jones watch and he said don't sell this new oriole team short. >> don't think we're going to make it to the championship. but who knows. we came this far. we're doing good. we just might make the championship. >> reporter: in baltimore, him rutherford, abc2 news. >>> coming up at 6:00 tonight we'll tell you about the legendary evening. it will be held at the hilton. so stick around at 6. >>> it feels like september 1997 all over. a lot has changed. back then the ravens were getting ready to play the bengals, but it was memorial stadium. the average price for gas back then was $1.23. steve jobs just within the back to
a very rare an enviable position. >> tonight but the baltimore orioles and the baltimore ravens or in first place in their divisions. let's say for that moment just for a second. gerry sandusky joins us live with an update. the big news is exploding on twitter right now. >> this is only ever happened once before, in 1967, when the ravens won their third game out of four at the start of that season and the orioles were in first place, to have a night like tonight on 9/11 with both the orioles and the ravens in first place in their respective divisions. the yankees lost putting the orioles in a first-place tie, and the ravens won their season opener over the seam -- the season opener over the cincinnati bengals. in the last time it happen that orioles were still in the afc east. the ravens banished 6-9-1 and the orioles lost in the american league championship series. they will have to build on this from here. >> now to the other big story, tonight we are learning new details about a terrifying day at a baltimore county business group predicts an eighth grader brought a loaded gun
but at the time for sunday. 7 day forecast of baltimore. ravens football sunday evening. sunny during the day. 73 cooling and the low 60's at kickoff. upper to be's by the end of the game. monday is beautiful, too >> thank you. after jay leno, stick around for a late night with jimmy fallon. >> hey everyone in baltimore. music from bobby womack. tonight on late night. >> lots of energy. bad blood boils,. tonight jack, $12 million. we can make you a millionaire. 13, 3, 14, 46. mega ball. 34. 13, 55, 3, 14, 46. goodlatte. goodlatte. and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. orioles played a major role last season. a chance for boston this season to return the favor at the final 13 games come against the red sox. a great baltimore presence at fenway. top 4. what a night he had. slapping that double down the line. -- hardy
to a baltimore legend. the funeral for the former owner of the baltimore ravens... art modell... is scheduled for later this mornin. morning.megan illiland is here with more on how he is being honored today. good morning guys,the funeral for art modell will be held at congregation t 11:000o'clock this morning.the service will be followed by an invitation only luncheon and a private since his passing last thursday... at the age of 87... the city of baltimore has been honoring the man who brought football back to home opener at m and t bank s - stadium... there was a moment of silence for mr modell.he started his careee in football as the owner of the cleveland browns.when he brought the have a lot of money... but he told us once... he found a sympathetic banker. iq: he took a liking to meoo: i think you're going to do it ... aad he gave me the credit creditand he bbcame loved in baltimore because of pan watch art modell's funeral online today s it happens. at 11 a-m... at foxbaltimore dot com. modell familiy is asking that &pcontributions be made to the seed school in baltimore.i'm
's. >> the baltimore ravens are joining the conversation about?k anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. >> it's a big concern for parents watching their kids on the playing field. >> the baltimore ravens are helping raise awareness about concussions. we have more on how they are tackling the problem. >> the ravens and sports medicine says they have a message about proper treatment. if they take away just one thing -- when in doubt -- sit it out. baltimore ravens and their positions are adding their race -- but their voices to a chorus about the impact of concussions. >> it can potentially be dangerous. >> they'
viewing arrangements have been set for art modell... the former owner of the baltimore can pay your respects to the man who brrught football back to baltimore... this saturday. saturday.megan gilliland is and when. good morning guys,the modell ravens are iiviting... everyone... to the silent tribute... to say goodbye to a baltimore legend. modell's caaket along with the lombardi trophy m & t bank stadium tomorrow from 11 to 1 p-mmparking is free in lots b and c.again, all fanssare invited and are encouraged to wear purple. purple.former ravens owner art morning with his sons by his side... he wws 87 yeers old. but his legacy lives on.he negotiated the nfl-afl merger... helped establish nfl offmonday night football.he baltimore in 1996... and that mighttve cost him a place in the hall of fame... but here in baltimore... he will always be thh maa who brought "giant in football... i'm gratefull to have known him." him." and it wasn't just about football... after coming to donaaing millions of dollars to local charities. modell's wife patriiia... died last fall at the ag
modell... the former ownerr of the baltimore ravens... and the man who brought football back to baltimore. baltimore.hii funeral is scheduled for 11:00... megan gilliland is here with more on how he is being remembered today. good morning guys,since his passing last thursday... at the age of 87... the city of baltimore has been honoring art modell.during last night's home opener at m and t bank stadium... there was a moment of silence... silence...natssfrom game tribute tribute a tribute to the man who played an intrumental role in the n-f-l.negotiating the nfl-afl merger... helping to establish nfl films and pushing for monday night cleveland browns to baltimore in 1995.over the past few days... modell's family has been greeted by fans sharing their stories... about the man who not only brought football back... but the man who cared. "thee just said how much they loved him and how ohh i meet him here and i meet him there and he was always so wonderful and neverrput on airs and always was kind and took time and said hello and the outpouring of love was incredib" incredible."the funeral fo
. remember the baltimore ravens thanking fans and team for support. this is after a politician slammed him because he spoke out in favor of gay marriage. >>> san francisco state attorney is pushing for state executions. why there is such a rush. >>> why the mars rover curiosity is checking out a crater and scientists are crossing their fingers hoping it does not find water. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot. they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you. >>> time now 6:14. new video to show you from china. look at this. a magnitude 5.6 quake hit on fri
to inova fairfax but digester de. baltimore ravens owner art will be laid to rest today. he died last week in the age of 87. the reagans are paying tribute him last night. the campaign trail is expected today as both the 9/11s commemorate attack. obama and mitt romney are taking down negative campaign ads for today. there will not hold any political event. former president bill clinton make a stop in florida behalf of president obama. attend a rally tonight the florida international university and make more appearances in the coming weeks. mitt romney will commemorate the anniversary and about where is set to address the associationrd convention in reno. the national guard was deployed overseas as part of the u.s. response to the attacks. paul ryan will spend the day in wisconsin in commemoration and reflection. coming up next, it is a someice that has caught heat. a new study is out claiming to sell the matter once and for all. is acupuncture good for you? >> we will find out more about that and negotiations failed in the chicago teachers strike. what is next for teachers? >> we will show
be remembered as them and to turn the cleveland browns and to the baltimore ravens. charm city had been mourning the sudden departure of the colts that left the redskins the closest team. >> it brings a new life to a city that kind of gets beat down as a whole. >> he had a lot of success in the early years including an nfl championship. he was known as one of the driving forces behind the night football. he was very active in charities and causes. >> a man who cared about the committee. >> as popular as he is in much of maryland, he is unpopular in cleveland where fans have never forgiven him for moving the team away even though he always had great attendance and fan support. >> he said maryland offered him a stadium that cleveland wouldn't. after cleveland had got the new team and stadium. >> they have a wonderful situation going. >> many things people have been putting on twitter today are not as terrible. others show many are still angry. >> art modell is not in the football hall of fame and many people believe that was because of its controversial decision. but others th
>> the baltimore ravens kick off the season in six days but today biggest are spent the day on the community. ray rice gave away free tickets to monday's home opener. they also got a sign football and had their picture taken. >> the other ray spent the day with some students. he handed out 200 backpacks to students in west baltimore. they say they enjoy giving back to the community. >> it is great to give somebody a ticket to the game. obviously, me being a partner with them, they get to see me. you know what, it was great. they get to see me in my normal attire because monday night that will be a different person. >> just to make them smile, the bottom line. >> the ravens opened the season against cincinnati on monday night. >> now your insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> open we can get rid of some of this timidity by the time football starts off on monday. right now we are in the medical of a tropical mass that is generating an occasional tropical thundershower. hartford county, that cell is weakening. there are other showers and pennsylvania, some severe storms in and around t
. duzoo are trying out how a panda cub died. >> an emotional game last night e baltimore ravens. t what tory had to say after playing a day after the sudden death of december brother. it's monday, september 24. >> we have gotten spoiled in the weather department. >> we will get spoiled a little more. most of the workweek is looking nice, especially if you like autumn conditions. a little chilly outside. at reagan national, 57 degrees. 54 at dulles. temperatures will be warming the sixties today and should top out about 72 degrees. looking for skies to clear sunshinet the day with this afternoon. in the seven-day forecast moment. let's check are traffic. >> our first look at the roads, accident. the prince william parkway is on the northbound side between dumphries road and hill. so be prepared for delays. up construction around part,ltway for the most on the inner loop at 66, all lanes reopened. 95 has slowing between route 3 and route 7 team in falmouth. in maryland is quiet on 270. a live look at the beltway and boulevard, there's but no delaysone, to report. back to you. >> thank you
. you cannot forget all little of good luck. baltimore ravens fans were hungry for victory. their eyes were not just on the players, but on the guys with the black and white uniforms. >> we need the professionals jobs.their >> the commissioner apologize to ofs for three weeks fficials.nt >> all the bad calls we had gotten in the past weeks. >> it was crazy. they had to do something. >> fights in the stands, fight on the field. >> no one can predict this, call on the final play monday night that cost the green bay packers the game. >> he would hate to see your on a bad call. >> the commissioner admitted may have pushed parties to agree on deal. >> they make a lot of money, but the day, how much s the nfl bringing an end? >> fans in baltimore are optimistic that this is just a in the roads. >> i hate to see all the players up in arms. i want to see clean football. >> the message from the fans was nfl.stent to the about thed worry more than a money. the story that has nats fans on pins and needles tonight. >> many of us to solve the season premiere of "scandal. inspiration and at what is
, nothing to get in your way up towards 83. that's a look at your time save traffic. >>> baltimore ravens beat the new england patriots 31-30. if you read torey smith's tweets, this was a man who was in a lot of pain. if you saw him on the field you know he is a warrior. the wide receiver played with everything he had, following the death of his younger brother. linda so has more from smith this morning, what he has to say. >> the support he has received from his teammates and fans has meant so much and told people about his brother's death on twitter, that's his account on sunday morning, since then, his account has been flooded with well wishes from fans. he played the game for his brother, 19 year old kevin jones died before midnight when a motorcycle crushed in to a utility pole in virginia. alcohol was not a factor. smith traveled to virginia to be with his family, he got an hour of sleep before the game and made the decision to play when he got to the stadium. he is glad he did. in the second quarter smith scored a touchdown and after the game he says it was for his younger brother
of the baltimore ravens. burns was upset that ravens player brendon ayanbadejo made statemmnts in support of same-sex marriage. burns demanded the ravens owner "inhibit such expressions from your employee and that he bb ordered to cease and desistt ssch injurious action."owner steve bisciotti is well within pmployees to limit their public comments.but burns demanding such action is way out of line. although he's a pastor, burns sent his reeuest on general assembly stationery indicating he was acting as a public fficial. even worse, burns sits on the economic matters committee which regulates maryland businesses. not long ago, four big city &pmayors threatened to retaliat against chick-fil-a because obscure publication he was personally opposed to same-sex marriage.even the eds are attacking the first amendment. last spring, congress overwhelmingly passed h.r. 347. this bill givvs the secret service greater authorrty to arrest citizens for engaging in peaceful protests - even in public areas if the secret service area as "restricted."it's deeply disturbing government officials feel so comfor
in there against the zone defense, there is almost always a hole in there. typically, against the baltimore ravens, when suggs was here, you would not have that much time to make that throw. you wouldn't even attempt it. >> al: with 13 seconds left, welker is 3 for 96. brady has thrown for 207 yards. there is suggs on the sideline. first and goal. they still have a time-out. >> cris: brady with ellerbe looks like on man coverage on gronkows gronkowski. >> al: brady stepping away and pressure this time. pass is thrown out of the end zone. seven seconds. you have a time-out. do you take one quick shot or not? it appears they will. >> cris: gronkowski here. i think you'll see ellerbe in man coverage on him. as we saw earlier, you have ed reed over the top. a good job by ellerbe. >> al: this has been to be a very fast developing play. before you have it, you've got the ravens who want to take a look at the offensive set, taking a defensive time-out. >> referee: time-out, baltimore. >> al: brady knows he has to finish whatever he is going to do in no more six seconds. >> cris: yes. this is when you tru
of the cleveland browns in 1961 to 1995. and the baltimore ravens from 1996 to 2003. he helped launch monday night football but was perhaps well- known as charitable work including 20 years of service on cleveland clinic board. he and his late wife pat were also devoted to the arts. >> talking about ternal philanthropy and giving and -- flan throw -- about personal philanthropy and giving and caring and was not just aboutgiving money they would go to places. they gave money to have a symposium on dough nest he can violence and gave to -- domestic violence and gave to hawks hawkins and they were involvedand cared. not just the giving of the money. >> reporter: modell is survived by his sons and six grandchildren. the tribute will be held here on saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. reporting live at m and t bank stadium, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> art modell will be on our minds. ravens are dedicating the season to him. the first game is monday but you know baltimore it's time to get pumped so we get pumped early and linda so is live this morning with the caravan they are getting every time we come
... baltimore raven.../ for... publicly... supporting ... same-sex ...marriige. ...marriage.linebacker... "brendon... payanbadejo"... recorded... a video... supporting... the state law.../// but... delegate ...emmett burns ... wrote... a... letter... to... the ravens.../ asking... owner... steve bisciotti.../ to... stifle his player's... comments..../// one... defends... tte raven's... stand.. (fortney) "he was just saying 'hey, this is how i feel about it, and he was talking about equal rights, he wasn't saying he's iding with same sex marriage necessarily, he was just saying equal rights, and i feel like leave him alone, if they want to express their ooinions, they have every right to do that." that."marylander voters... will decide... whether to legalize... same- sex marriage... this november. 3 the... ravens... had to wait... the...entire... off- season.../ to... gett.. their chance. baltimore... welcomes ...cincinnatti... to... m and t... bank stadiumm.. tonight.../ in... the... first game... off.. a... monday night... double- header....///
this morning. he is the person we can thank for bringing baltimore to bringing the ravens to charm city. and today art modell will be laid to rest. many are expected to show up for the funeral this morning. and sherrie johnson is live this morning with more on the icon and how he is going to be honored in baltimore today. >> reporter: well, megan, it will be a very emotional day as friends, family, players gather to say a final good-bye to art modell. they will gather here a few feet away at the baltimore hebrew congregation where the funeral will be held about 11:00 this morning. they will pay their final respects. last night, before the ravens first kick off and before the national anthem, everyone took a moment to pay tribute to modell. the stadium fell silent in observance and we saw the loss on ray lewis' face and his eyes tell the story. he saw modell as a father figure. now in honor of modell, the players are wearing a decal on their helmets and untheir jerseys. modell is best remembered for contribution to the national football league. he was the owner of the cleveland browns fr
between the cleveland browns and baltimore ravens and we are hoping to catch up with fans later this morning. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> while that sports despite is settled, we have another one. the nhl lock out, that may last for months. the hockey players union have a negotiating meeting tomorrow. they are affecting local businesses that rely on hockey for their sales. bars around the hp pavilion say their sales are losing a lot of money and some cases they say they are up to 50% for the income. >> let's check in with sale for a look at traffic. pam, dave? >> -- sal? >> now out to east bay 4 westbound, it is a nice looking drive and you can see it is stretching across the camera moving from bay point to concord. but it is not enough to affect drivers and you can see it is busy in san job. bay bridge toll plaza no major problems coming into san francisco. traffic looks good, also looking at the livermore valley, westbound coming up to caster valley, let's go to steve. >>> we have a lot of fog, santa rosa, reduced visibility, napa as well. crocket, oakland, come together
. both with 85 wins. the oakland a's won last night 12-4. the baltimore ravens and the new england patriots at 8:20. a big test for the baltimore ravens wide receivers like jacoby jones who caught that touchdown. it should have been put on the 7 yard line. instead it was marked on the line of scrimmage. there were not to run pretty good by the eagles' secondary. -- they were not around a pretty good by the eagles' secondary. >> will we see better officiating this time? >> who knows. coming up next, a man accused of gunning down a bill bondswoman will have his day in court. the latest in the case against domonic mcdonald. >> how it caused this miss after hurricane isaac. >> a florida man found this in his backyard. we will tell you what tasty snack this a bear was after. >> he is cute. >> things are pretty dry. we have a little for -- a little rain in the forecast over the >> cases of west nile
for art modell have been set for this saturday. saturday.the modell family aad the baltimore ravens are inviting... everyooe.megan gilliland is here with more on where you can pay your respects. good morning guys,mr. modell's casket willlbe pllced on the field attm & t bank stadium this saturday... with thee lombardi trohphy.the viewing is from 11 to 1 pm...parking is free in lot b and c.all fans are invited and are former ravens owner art modell died eerly yesterday morning with his ons by his side... legacy lives on.he negotiaaed the fl-afl merrer... helped establish nfl films and was a big proponent of monday night football.he moved his cleveland browns to baltimmre in 1996... and that might've cost hhm a place in the hall of fame... but here in baltimore... he will always be the man who brought football back. 15:59:09 i'm here because of him and anytime you can leave a legacy he's the most awesome guy i've ever met ii my life." life."evee though they opee the season this week... it was a very somber mood at the ravens' complex in owings mills yesterday.they lost a giant figure
the man behind the cleveland browns ... who later became the ravens when he brought the team to baltimore in 1996.mmdell was eighty- seven years old. 3 fans... are.. quick... to react ... to... the passing... of... art modell.../.. jeff abell... has been... gauging ...their reaction today. today..... (1:00:21) "i'll tell ya. art model died, i can't believe that....." throughhut the city, football fans were struggling with the news..... (58:54) (gregory compton) "i just heard about it 15-minutes ago....its just got me upset..... (53:30) (tt/museum) "the baltimore ravens....." at the sports egends museum, many fans remembered art modell as the godfather of baltimore football.....the owner who brought sundays back to baltimore. (47:00) (matt scott) "he coulda gone anywhere and he looked at all the citys and said, you know what, this is the city that i want...." (43:55) "we lost a friend actuully. when we lost him we lost a friend." (1:05:44) "what he pid underhanded, bacchanded and moved....pwww...." pbt for clevela
the baltimore ravens and cleveland browns take the field tonight the nfl's regular officiating crews will be calling the game. at the stroke of midnight the league and referees ended a three month lockout of the officials. the deal was struck after two days of marathon negotiations and controversial call to the end of monday night's game. after a series of miscalls, run ins with coaches and players, and on field confusion, the nfl referees are heading to the sideline. the league and officials union agreed on a tentative eight year contract that will put the normal officiating crews back on field. goodell said we look forward to having the finest officials in sports back on field. now it's time to put the focus back on the teams and players where it belongs. >> green bay will have a hard time. >> the two sides got serious about the negotiations after monday night's game between the packers and seahawks, a blown call on the last play of the game cost green bay the victory. under the new deal the average pay for the league's refs will rise from $149,000 a year in 2011 to $173,000 next y
in this northeast baltimore neighborhood will be athered in a nearby park to watch he ravens play. that park sits across the street from where an n-i-h sciintist was murdered last tuesday. in nortteast baltimore joy lepola fox 45 news at 5:00. another... police involved shooting... in... southwest baltimore. 3&it... happened ...early this mooning... near... potter streee ...and... yale avenue..../// officials... say... a robbery suspect... and officer... got... into a ... fight... / the... suspect ...than... pulled out a weapon... on the ooficer.../ a... then... shot at least one - round.../ hitting the suspect. "the suspect was struck in the stomach. he's listed right now in serrous but stable condition. he was transported to shock trauma were he's undergoing surgery at this point. we do have witnesses the uspect does match the description that was given by i" individuals."there ...were... no injuries... to the officers involved...//. this... is... the... 13-th ...police involved shooting... in the city... this year.../ 8... of them... wer
is serious seriouslbut lawler is breathing on his own. >> attributed art modell during the baltimore ravens season opener last night in baltimore -- a tribute. his funeral will be held at the baltimore hebrew congregation followed by a private internment. the team that he once owned were down. the ravens won. >> of georgia graduate student who was her limbs due to a flesh eating bacteria is peaking out. aimee copeland will share her story of survival and she will talk to a paper today. walking for the first time. she suffered a deep cut during a supply an accident. that exclusive interview at 4:00 on abc 7. -- she will talk to katie couric. >> a teenage girl attacked by a man with a tas anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by c
call montgomery police. >>> former baltimore ravens owner art modell is being remembered as one of the most influential n.f.l. owners in history. he died in baltimore at the age of 87. modell had been in declining health for the past few years. the former n.f.l. owner was vilified in cleveland after moving the old cleveland browns to baltimore back in 1996. the team was renamed the ravens. modell was also a driving force behind monday night football. >>> still to come when we come back, the doctors are in. coming up in about 20 minutes, i go one on one with dr. travis stork. stay with us. we'll be back and we'll also tell you what's being done in our region to battle the nationwide spike in the number of west nile virus cases. glrs starting tonight, the maryland -- starting tonight, the maryland department of agriculture is stepping up its fight against the west nile virus. they'll begin spraying to kill mosquitoes in some fakeds. over the -- some neighborhoods. over the next week, there will be extra spraying in harundel county and the milford area of baltimore county. ed payne
's... a... battle... over... the... first amendment.../ involving... a... baltimore ravens... linebacker.../ and... a... public official.../. john... rrdell... says.../ the... controversy... centers ...aroond... same-sex... marriage...john... jeff...brendon...iin'- badejo... has raised... publiily... supporting...thatlaw... to "legalize"....same-sex marriage. but that public stand....does not...sit well... with one of the law's....most vocal opponents... opponents... "and i'm proud toobe part of something that brings marylanders together."ravens linebacker...."brendon ayanbadejo" has taken a very public stand... on a very emotional issue."gay and lesbian couples want to marry for similar reasons that we all do."his message on you- tube...supports the bill... to legalize...same sex marriage. it was enacted by state lawmakers...but opponents...petitioneddit to referendum.(burnn) "children will be taught that the homosexual lifestyle is on par with the hetrosexual lifestyle."one of those emmett burns...he's a baptist ministerr..and a baltimo
to the passing of the former baltimore ravens owner saying in part he was respected by his players and beloved by family and fans. he brought the game and spirit of football to baltimore. he said he helped invigorate baltimoreans with pride in their team and set sety. >> they want you to head down to the bank this weekend. >>> nearly 2,000 people across the country infected with the disease. we are talking about west nile virus and there's a fight here in maryland. >> here in maryland there's been one confirmed death as a result of west nile and now word of another confirmed case in baltimore county. christian schaeffer shows how the county is trying to prevent the virus from spreading and possibly threatening you and your family. >> reporter: 5-year-old cousins know what the mosquitoes are after. >> so they can have something to eat so they can drink your blood. >> reporter: and they wish the bloods would. >> drink something else. drink some juice. >> reporter: that's not likely to happen. but now, itchy bugs are the least of the worries here. there are concern of the millford millionaire yea
, the original owner of the baltimore ravens who passed away thursday. >> this week the morning will hold a silent public tribute. that's where our 11 news reporter joins us live with more. good morning. >> good morning, rob. welsh starting at 11:00 this morning, fans will have an opportunity to say good-bye to the man who brought football back to baltimore. some fans have already started to show up here at m&t bank stadium. we're joined by john. john came out from aberdeen. john, why did you decide to come out and pay your respects this morning? >> well, mr. modell did a lot for this city. and without it, sheldon, okay, we wouldn't have -- without him, we wouldn't have pro football in the town of baltimore. he was just magnificent man. as far as maryland is considered or anywhere el. he should be in the pro football hall of fame. you can look at what the modelles did here with the m&t stadium and the facility that's around it. it's absolutely just wonderful. >> that's why you wanted to come out? >> exactly. i wanted to pay my respects there to mr. modell and his family. god bless them. i
the couple died...//. hundreds ... of... friends,... family... and... members offthe baltimore ravens... gathered today.../ to... pay their respects.... to... the... team's... former owner... art modell..../melinda roeder... was there... for the memorial ceremony - / 3 art modell was remembered today - for his love of baatimore... and the raaens... &pand he game of fooobaal.but he was also a friend and father figure to hundreds. and that was evident today - from the heartfelt eulogies. ---- video ----<01:07:35 "he really loved baltimore and baltimore loved art modell"> among the speakers today - were modell'sstwo sons and six grandchildrrn.... ray lewis - ravvn....<42:16 "rest in - peace, pop art.">and n-f-l commissioner roger goodell. thhy spooe of his contributiins to the n-f-l... he was instrumental in created monday night football games for t-v.and - as you all know - he staated theerrvens franchise in 1996.but will remember him - not just as a peam owner - but as a friend... with a good heart and a sense of humor.---- sot plways sticks out with me with a
." former pittsburgh steeler hines ward is letting his real feelings about baltimore show on facebook... and they're not that bad! bad!he wrote that fans who recognized him on his flight to the ravens game last night kept telling him that they hate him.even the cleaniig lady in his hotel room said "i don't like you."but he actually had a pretty classy re. fans: i hate you too but i will miss you guys the mmst. i had a great 14-year run here and besides the super bowls, i will always cherish the ravens- steelers rivalry. thaaks for the great memories ravens fan.... can't we all just get along? (haha)" 3 he may be gone ut he's definitely not the u-s navy is allowing neil armstrong's name to live on. 3 "how ya feeling theree oh my god, my heart's going to beat out of my chest." chest." a cheetah holds a group of toorists hostage... for nearly an hour during an african safari ride. what the tourists had to do... to stay safe. --adblib weather tz-- 3 a jail in a power outage strands dozens pf people on a monorail in australia. emergency crews using herry pick
. >> it is also a big week for the baltimore ravens. the new england patriots kept them out of the super bowl last year. we will have a closer look at the patriots game and the ravens kicker, justin tucker, and all the ravens pregame news before the sunday showdown. it starts at 6:30 with the ravens countdown. >> we will check up on how the orioles are holding up against the mariners after their 18- inning marathon. >> a closer look at the uptick in crime in baltimore city. does that correspond to the command change at police headquarters? >> and not so sterling ranking for that area. >> august -- falls not officially begin until saturday, >> a recent string of violent incidents in baltimore it is causing concern that the progress seen in cutting crime may be being reversed. >> jayne miller looks into what is behind those concerns. >> just before 9:30 this morning, never mind it was broad daylight on a busy commuter route, someone shot and critically wounded a 19-year-old man on the street. just up the road, a 51-year-old government researcher were shot and killed as he arrived home after choir pr
the student's every move. >>> tonight, mourning the loss. the former owner of the baltimore ravens and the cleveland browns passed away this morning at the age of 87. now, they bought them way back in 1961 and that was before he moved the team to baltimore for the start of the season here with a lot of fans in cleveland, well, they never forgave him for that, but the players and coaches, past and present, they remember a man who cares deeply about each and every one of them. >>> keeping students safe or big invasion of privacy. a couple of schools now have a way of tracking students at all times. it is their i.d. they've got tracking trips in them. 4,200 students are taking part in this pilot program, even as we speak. many of them, their parents are not too happy about it. in fact, one teacher calls the tracking shift, the mark of the beast. they probably wouldn't like it though. >>> all right, the weather was not pretty outside today, but in fact we saw some rain drops fall on our heads. but the sun came out later. topper will be here in a few minutes to let you know which pictur
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